Experienced designers can see things in their minds eye, but your clients cannot. So it really helps to show them exactly how the system is going to look.


Vectorworks and their Renderworks add-on let you create stunning 3D presentations of your work that really help to boost client confidence - while you check out the ergonomics of your design by placing Vectorworks 3D people at key points.

As you click into a 3D view standalone equipment springs into an accurate 3D representation. The same works for racks and console bays. connectCAD 3D Rack and Console objects let you easily model rack-mounted equipment without any difficult 3D design work. You simply create the layouts of your racks and console bays using 2D drag and drop, and then place 3D Racks and Console Bays on your drawing to visualise the result.

connectCAD makes full use of Vectorworks' un-paralled 3D modelling capabilities to let you walk through your installation as though it had already been built. Very often designers report a strong sense deja-vu when they inspect the actual systems they have built.

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