Designing the inter-connection of devices in your system is where you fully define how everything is going to work - in detail. There's a lot of work involved, and it has to be accurate and fast. Once a concept is approved most stakeholders will assume that the design is finished when in fact it has only just begun, so deadlines are always pressing. connectCAD was created with this in mind. We make schematic design extraordinarily fast.

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Defining devices in connectCAD is visual and free from constraints. You can get started even when you don't have all the information. Set up a device as a 'black box', connect it up and revise when the final equipment is decided. This gets you ahead of the game - important when deadlines are looming.

Mistakes in detailed design if not corrected can become real-world problems. connectCAD helps you avoid expensive problems by checking your drawings for obvious errors, duplicates and disconnections. We don't rely on pre-made device libraries which may not be up to date as manufacturers develop their products. We make it really fast to define devices on-the-fly with the ports you need for your specific application instead of cluttering your drawing with unused sockets.

Detailed designs need to communicate with the wiremen and engineers who will implement and test the system. Signal flows need to be clearly expressed. Connection lines should be routed on the drawing so the eye can easily follow them avoiding confusing cross-overs. connectCAD helps with this by letting you place connections exactly the way you want them - it doesn't intervene and decide for you as other software sometimes does. Even if you move a device connectCAD makes sensible adjustments.

And the drawings define your project in detail. There's no external database involved. So you can visually check your designs knowing that you are looking at the actual data that will be used to create reports for purchasing and wiring.

In most real-world projects goals and budgets change during the course of detailed design, and even afterwards. Keeping up with these changes can be a nightmare for the designer. But connectCAD was born in this world and created specifically to help you take these developments in your stride. Users report that connectCAD is the only design tool that not only gets you out of trouble again and again, but also lets you do so in way that makes it actually look easy.



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