Drawings are great for understanding systems and presenting them. But for implementation lists are the key. Purchasing and Finance need lists of equipment to order. Wiremen need lists of cables to make and install, and schedules of equipment and its locations.


It's much easier to work methodically through a list and be sure that nothing is forgotten, than to go through a set of drawings.

connectCAD was designed with these two views of a system in mind. Even though it has all the information, you can't easily understand and verify a design from a wire list - you need a drawing. The human visual system literally lets us see the big picture, but to get all the details right we have to address the logical step-by-step side of the brain. Trying to make an installer work from a drawing means that they have to continually search the entire entire drawing to make sure that all connections are accounted for. So for installation work an ordered list makes much more sense.

Because it's important to be accurate and confident that your reports are correct, connectCAD always retrieves its information from the drawing. This is a completely different approach from other design software packages that essentially edit a database and then visualise the result using some kind of drawing engine. The flaw with this approach is that the drawings and database have a tendency to get out of sync. connectCAD completely avoids this by going direct to a source of information that you can control and inspect, the drawings.

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