Schematics show how stuff is connected up - but they don't tell you where the equipment is physically installed. That's where layouts come in.

Whether equipment is stand-alone or mounted in racks or technical furniture, you can define the precise location of devices in connectCAD. Vectorworks is perfect for architectural drawing so you can either create floor plans directly with Vectorworks advanced architectural tools, or import drawings from other programs like Autocad. Once you have a set of floor plans you can locate equipment, racks and technical furniture on your plans.

connectCAD makes the step from schematic drawings to physical layout simple and easy. One command creates a physical equipment item for each device defined on your schematic. Putting these in racks is just a question of drag and drop. The same is true of stand-alone equipment. Just move it to the position on the floor plan where it will be mounted.


Modular equipment is also supported. connectCAD let's you model any kind of rack frame and just drag and drop cards into it. And whenever a piece of equipment is moved on the layout the schematic is automatically updated with the new location. This helps you easily make revisions if space requirements change.

Not all installations require you to define locations in such detail. Often it's enough to just define the room where equipment will be placed. connectCAD let's you define rooms (spaces) at an abstract level without the need for detailed architectural plans. This is very useful for touring shows where the physical space changes with each venue but the roles of spaces remain the same.


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