As a designer it's vital to communicate effectively with all the stakeholders in a project.

They need to understand and approve the key aspects of a system BEFORE you embark of detailed design. A clear conceptual drawing makes it easy for even non-technical people to grasp the way a system works; far better than lengthy written specifications. The exercise of creating a concept drawing also helps you to focus on the essentials of your design.

concept drawing

Concept drawings find their way into presentations, so they have to look great.

Take a look at this example. We did the underlying block diagram using connectCAD tools. But then using Vectorworks advanced planar graphics features, we rotated it in 3D space for a much more exciting look. We added annotations to the drawing using standard Vectorworks 2D graphics to introduce an extra layer of information.

The result is a drawing that clearly encapsulates the key flows of signals and control in a way that is visually pleasing as well as informative.

This is one of the ways in which the interplay of Vectorworks and connectCAD can give you a clear edge as a designer.

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