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connectCAD helps you without 'taking over' - lines go where you draw them, not where the program decides. It works by making your drawings human and machine-readable. With connectCAD you are never locked in - your data is stored in the drawing and you can inspect and modify it using standard Vectorworks commands.

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Drawings can begin as vague ideas and shape up as information becomes available - the way real projects work. connectCAD lets you respond quickly and effectively to changes and make revisions with a minimum of effort. And it's really easy to configure the look of drawings to your needs.

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As a designer you also get involved in space planning, technical furniture design, presentations and working together with other consultants (HVAC, electrical and structural engineers etc.). By embedding connectCAD within Vectorworks we integrate with architectural designs allowing you to define where your equipment is in relation to other building systems and space requirements.

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A good general-purpose CAD package is a vital tool in systems design. We use Vectorworks® as the engine for connectCAD, because it's powerful, intuitive, easy to learn and superb value for money. connectCAD + Vectorworks provides smart connectivity design with the full 2D/3D CAD facilities of Vectorworks.

As our CAD engine develops, exciting new facilities become available with each new version. connectCAD work's with the latest version of Vectorworks so that we can bring you the newest and best. And we also support the previous version if you don't want to upgrade right now.

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There's no upgrade cost from us when next year's Vectorworks comes out. When you buy the latest version of connectCAD we give you the connectCAD upgrade for next year's release of Vectorworks completely free of charge.

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connectCAD is incredibly easy to master, but we would like you to become an expert! So to make sure you get the best from our product we give you intensive startup support in the first 3 months including online live remote help, plus 2 years free email, and telephone / Skype support. We can also provide online training sessions to help you and your team get up to speed as fast as possible.

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  • 650,00 € each connectCAD 2017
  • 650,00 € each connectCAD 2016
  • 109,37 € each US Premium Support

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