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Meanwhile, check out these interesting features of connectCAD...

Share device specifications online...

Nobody likes filling in forms, particularly a humungous one like Device Builder with all its mind-boggling details. But we designers have to spend a part of our lives reading spec sheets and doing data entry – no getting away from that. However, what we can do is share the work between us. And that’s what we’re doing in connectCAD. As you create devices in Device Builder the spec of the device gets uploaded to our online repository. So if that device is already in the database you can retrieve the details ready to go.

Save thousands of clicks..

Each time you set the signal type of a socket connectCAD automatically chooses the usual connector and saves you thousands of clicks.

Create your own application-specific design tools...

Most tools print a symbol on the drawing and change the Device and Socket fields. We made all that accessible to power users and given you an example, MyDevice so you can create tools for your own application. Painting with devices !!!

Design in 2D - present in 3D...


Watch 3D rack visualisation workflow, showing how you can add racks, console bays and stand-alone equipment to one or more floor plan layers of your conectCAD project.

Reshape several circuits at once...

A simple but helpful tip: The Vectorworks Reshape tool lets you edit groups of vertices in multiple objects: In the video there are four circuits selected and the Reshape tool active. A rectangle is drawn to surround a group of 4 vertices. If the dotted rectangle gets clicked on and  the cursor moved, all four vertices can be moved at once.

Designing connected systems with connectCAD - Watch more videos on:

• Fan-out
• Jack insertion
• Connect Next command for fast schematic design

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