"connectCAD is a true tool in visualising the largest of technical challenges... Cramer review on connectCAD

...we use connectCAD on virtually every project that our department touches at Cramer, regardless of it’s size. This has not only helped us with our equipment management, but also as a vital tool in our goal to ensure we are a 100% accurate in what we do "

 - Nathan Morgan, Cramer Inc

and that's just the beginning! Read the full article Cramer wrote about us.

"connectCAD is simple and easy to use and the process is quite painless....

church audiovisual upgrade by EnvisionAV

...while designing the new audio video system for St. Mary's Cathedral in Sydney was not a challenge, coming to grips with the legacy system was difficult. One of the main issues we had was trying to reverse engineer the old system.  There wasn’t a lot of documentation available.  They had some from the original instalment and then some from when upgrades happened but a lot of the documentation had been lost.  But I can say for the new system the documentation with connectCAD should ensure that this problem is not faced in the future...” Read more on this project 

- Michael Jones, Company Director Envision AV

"connectCAD expedited the entire process and facilitated the design process immensely, which saved time and money...

photo credit: KLC networks

...the impact of a sound design increased the time and monetary savings exponentially as the project rolled out.
The design process consisted of collaboration sessions with the client to survey the facility and discuss objectives and limitations.  We then proceeded to develop a system design, build of materials and quote using connectCAD .  Once the design process was complete, system drawings, riser drawings, pathway drawings, pull lists and a number of other documents were passed to the customer for review and approval by their personnel."

- Zachary Manning, Director of Engineering, KLC networks

"The reason why I use connectCAD is to make a data plan very clear - because when we come back in a year or 6 months from the show it helps us to see exactly how we laid things out and also helps with preplanning on system design...

Max Conwell

...I was looking for a Mac-based sort of flowing chart software. I wasn’t expecting anything that actually worked within Vectorworks, and that was the first time I came across connectCAD - which was a real bonus for me. From a 'pick-it up and using it straight away' point of view, it’s pretty intuitive, easy to make a device and easy to link devices and on that scale you’re working with it straight out of the box pretty much, and obviously beyond there you can put in your own connector types and signal types and expand from there. I like it because it’s very simple to use, very very quick to get a drawing together even without a huge amount of experience."
Read the whole interview with Max Conwell

- Max Conwell, Lighting Designer & director,  Naked Eye Lighting Ltd.  

Marc Simpson, Lighting Designer -  Toulouse Group  Marc Simpson Lighting Designer - connectCAD reviews

"We use connectCAD a lot on virtually all the projects; we use it in most of the projects that we do anything more than half a dozen technical elements. We used it on Team New Zealand America’s Cup Base – beautiful video projection and graphics and things we used it for that, mostly when we need to deal with more wise than we can keep in our heads really and linking different things with different things.

In the major exhibition Gallipolis, The Scale of our War, "we used connectCAD extensively so every cable for the AV installation was detailed..."

Justin Linville, Lighting Designer/Audio Engineer -  Provision AVS  Justin Linville Lighting Designer - connectCAD reviews

"One of the best things overall is that the connectCAD program really – it keeps you from having to think about certain things. Another great thing is that in projects where system designs may evolve over time, and so every time you change one component in a typical CAD system – well you have to go in there and you have to redraw all the connections and you have to reconfigure all your routing paths and stuff like that .. and on the connectCAD system with all of the tools that are built in, that becomes a real breeze."

Read more on Justin's experience with connectCAD  

Chuck Walthall, Audiovisual Designer & Consultant -  Walthall & Associates, Consultants in Acoustics, AV & Digital Technologies Church Design by Walthall & Associates

"Connectcad is simple, straightforward, quick and easy. Vectorworks, combined with connectCAD, is a dream come true! Twenty five plus years of 'manual' symbol building and non-automated routines gets old. connectCAD not only increased our workflow throughout but benefits our AV contractors as well. We can efficiently deliver to the AV contractor drawings that do not require their CAD engineer's time. As-built drawings are produced in minutes rather than hours! We highly recommend connectCAD to any designer that uses Vectorworks."

Read more on Chuck's work and how he benefits from connectCAD  

Bob King, Technical Director, AVI-SPL  

"After working in connectCAD 2014 for a day or so, I can truthfully say it is leaps ahead of where we were.  The visual quality of the plots, the ease of creation…  Great work!"

Jack Shimizu, Westside Audio

"Great job on the program updates. This is by far the best tool I've used for my work. The others I've tried are way too complicated and have a structured workflow that has to be followed and makes it difficult to get work done. This system is more free flow and that is the way work is done in my world. Congratulations!"

Richard Bopp, Audio Logic Systems, Bloomington MN

"I am loving it. I just showed a coworker how the lines move with the device and his jaw hit the floor."

Orfeas Andre, Broadcast Systems Engineer, Telmaco SAOrfeas Andre

"The thing about connectCAD that has gained my respect is the ease with which it can adapt quickly and elegantly to the needs of the design work in hand. The tools are simple and easy to understand but at the same time have a rich range of options. Often I begin a design and during the course of the project the specifications change. The flexibility of connectCAD has literally saved me from hours of work! It's architecture allows me to rework designs with the minimum of effort and in complete certainty that there are no mistakes."

Saar Litmann AVD, Audio Visual Design

"We have managed to reduce the time it take to make a drawing by about half."

Bill Vincent of Megabits NZ on Nemetsheck TechBoard

"... absolutely brilliant ! .. remarkably easy to create your own symbols"

Jon Cozens, Technology Specialist, Telstra Australia

"... watching my colleagues’ faces go like melted plasticine when I show them what connectCAD can do is nothing short of priceless..."

Michael Klaers, lighting designer, The Small Group & leader of the Santa Barbara Vectorworks® User Group.

"... connectCAD is truly mind-blowing"

Steve Scaysbrook, Konstrukshon Ltd schematic design 2009

"almost beyond description... truly wonderful to watch ...
it's Vectorworks on pills, and big ones !!!"

RB Blackstone, Sound Designer

"I am enjoying your creation!"

Planet Vectorworks

"connectCAD plug-in makes connectivity a cinch"

Zachary Manning

"Dude, you rock !!" 


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FAQ first

We'd like to hear from you!

If you need any information about connectCAD and our company or you have a question, just fill in the form below and we'll be in touch.