Prices shown do not include VAT

Our products are designed primarily for business customers. In the vast majority of cases VAT will either not be charged or as a business you will be able to recover the VAT paid.

EU customers not in the UK - please note:

As of 1st Jan 2016 we are registered for VAT. If you are a business in the EU with a valid VAT number you will not be charged VAT.

If you are a private individual or a non-VAT-registered business then you will be charged VAT at your country's local rate. This means that the price you pay may vary according to your local tax rates. For some countries we have a distribution partner and in these cases you will be re-directed to our distributor at checkout. See our partners page for details. If there is no distributor appointed for your country you can purchase directly from us.

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  • 650,00 € each connectCAD 2017
  • 650,00 € each connectCAD 2016
  • 109,29 € each US Premium Support

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