March, 2016 

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Werk je in broadcast, audiovisueel, verlichting of IT? Dan is de nieuwe connectCAD 2016 voor Vectorworks misschien wel iets voor jou!

ConnectCAD - de populaire ontwerpoplossing voor kabelsystemen in o.a. broadcast, audiovisueel, verlichting en IT, van concept tot implementatie - presenteert de nieuwe connectCAD 2016.

ConnectCAD werd ontwikkeld door ontwerpers, voor ontwerpers. Deze Vectorworks add-on wordt intensief gebruikt door audiovisuele ontwerpers wereldwijd. Dankzij de geautomatiseerde commando's maak je in connectCAD snel en eenvoudig schematische diagrammen, om ze vervolgens te koppelen aan de fysieke layout van 2D- of 3D-plannen. Componenten zoals verbindingslijnen kunnen duidelijk gemarkeerd worden, zodat de betrokken technici meteen aan het werk kunnen en vertragingen en fouten vermeden kunnen worden.

Vectorworks distrbutor in the NetherlandsDe software biedt heel wat mogelijkheden voor personalisering, door o.a. instellingen en bibliotheken, én voor automatisering, zoals het controleren op fouten, dubbels en ontkoppelingen. Aanpassingen tijdens de installatie worden bovendien bijgehouden op het plan. 
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We have just released a minor update to connectCAD 2016. This corrects an issue in the connectCAD Settings command where the numbering system selected was not updating the document settings. We also improved the way cable number and connector type text offset settings are implemented to ensure that the document is updated correctly when these settings are changed. To get connectCAD_2016_1_1 just go to your order page, download it and install in the normal way.

If you have made extensive customisations of our tools and added extra device and socket fields you may prefer just to update the Settings command. To do this just open the file and copy the connectCAD Settings command to your Plug-ins/connectCAD folder. This will save re-implementing your customisations.

connectCAD 2016: System Designer’s CAD buddy from concept to implementation

connectCAD2016 logoconnectCAD, the connectivity design add-on to Vectorworks, has just released its 2016 version. Used extensively by audiovisual designers worldwide, connectCAD’s tools & commands speed up the design process from concept to implementation in various installation projects, from AV to electrical and IT.

"We use connectCAD extensively so every cable for the AV installation is detailed. We used it on 'Team New Zealand America’s Cup base' , 'Gallipolis, The Scale of our War' exhibition… We use it mostly when we need to deal with more wise than we can keep in our heads really.” – Marc Simpson, Lighting Designer/Managing Director of Toulouse Group, New Zealand.

connectCAD’s automated commands help create schematic diagrams quickly & easily and then link them with physical layouts in 2D/3D plans, with all wire lists & bill of materials ready. Components like signal flows and connection lines can be marked in detail, so everything is clear for the technicians, avoiding delays & costly errors.

Created by designers for designers, connectCAD offers a great deal of customization, like in settings and libraries, but also some automations like drawing-check for obvious errors, duplicates and disconnections. It also records any changes made during installation on the actual plan. connectCAD lets you define rooms at an abstract level for projects like touring shows, where the physical space changes with each venue, but the roles of spaces remain the same.

In connectCAD 2016, we “fight complexity” even more, with new and improved functions like Signal-Connector type lookup, DIN-rail terminals, simplified Insert Device command, Tool Templates to make your own tools in your workspace, and much more - allowing for more accuracy and speed.

Used by prominent AV professionals like Cramer US, Kraftwerk AU, Naked Lighting UK, to name a few, connectCAD cuts down design time by half and it’s superb value for money for Vectorworks users.

connectCAD’s support site offers detailed user guide, tutorials and videos. Some basic info on connectCAD is available in German, Russian, Japanese & Spanish, while the full German version is soon to be released.

Visit our online shop or contact Vectorworks distributors globally.

About ConnectCAD Limited.
ConnectCAD Limited is the UK company that develops and markets connectCAD, an add-on product to Vectorworks® for designing connected systems. Since its first release in 2006, connectCAD is used by hundreds of professionals globally. The managing director Conrad Preen is a consultant with decades of experience in the field of broadcast systems design. Read more at:

December 2015 

Coming up in 2016!

connectCAD for Vectorworks

It’s that time of year when our new version is looming. We've been thinking over what is needed and what not, to make it even simpler and faster for designers to complete each project. Responding to our users requests as always, we’ve added new functions and details, while taking away unnecessary clicks without losing efficiency.

 In connectCAD 2016, you'll be able to make your own customised Devise Placement Tools that can insert into circuits. For example, if you’re designing RF distribution systems you can create your own handy tools for splitters / taps etc. using duplicates of Insert Device each set up to place a custom device symbol!

In 2016, we say farewell Number Cables from List and integrate the new Vectorworks Reports which interact directly with the drawing and can be stored as worksheets in the Resource Browser, be customised, branded and imported to any document.

connectCAD 2016 is coming out soon and will make system design even simpler!


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If you need any information about connectCAD and our company or you have a question, just fill in the form below and we'll be in touch.





FAQ first

We'd like to hear from you!

If you need any information about connectCAD and our company or you have a question, just fill in the form below and we'll be in touch.