We want to clarify a point regarding upgrades -

An upgrade to an existing licence is not an additional licence

Buying an upgrade gives you access to a more recent version of our software but not the right to deploy both versions in active service. If you need an extra licence we will sell you one at a fair price. We try to place as few technical restrictions as possible on your use of our software. Our job is to make your life easier and we work hard at it improving our products. We want to be fair both to you our customers but also to ourselves so we can continue to provide a great service.

As a company we remain faithful to our belief in the fundamental good nature of human beings and broadly speaking our experience confirms this 100%. But there are exceptions so we have now changed our Terms & Conditions and in future when a licence is upgraded and the new licence is activated we will revoke prior serial numbers.

We hope that this will not be the cause of difficulties to existing customers the vast majority of whom play fair. We will always make the best endeavour to assist. I feel it is a shame when the many good people in this world have to suffer from the actions of a very few who are trying to take advantage of our trust.

Conrad Preen

Managing Director

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