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  Getting it right - AV in the project from day #1 in new Church facility

Our client, AV designer Justin Linville talks about their project for a new church facility with diverse audiovisual needs.

church design with connectCAD

Provision Audio Video Solutions, a connectCAD client, has been working with Richland Creek Community Church for about 5 years, when the church decided to make a new facility adjoined to the main 15 year-old worship building. Provision AVS 's core AV designer Justin Linville and manager John Linden follow this project since its early stages of architectural design. They got involved in the early design planning, helping to literally shape the design of the room, and assisted the church in choosing systems and gear and use resources in an effective way. 

"Numerous AV things happen throughout the building: there’s this main worship space that sits about 2100 people, a recording suite behind the stage, a youth room with worship bands, lots of classrooms and overflow spaces, fellowship hall areas and ancillary rooms, all of which require AV integration and need to be tied together on a central system so primarily audio but also some video interaction to happen bi-directionally between any of these spaces and the existing building next door... Since the early design work, we decided that the whole system of Richmond Creek Community Church would be built on a Dante network... There’s a lot of the design that looks very similar to network topology, because the project is so versatile, so we planned all components really meticulously."

church design with connectCAD by Justin Linville

"There are many different elements here – like a massive speaker reinforcement system that covers this whole room, personal monitor mixing on stage for the bands and we get distributed audio through all those paths. We had do a lot of thinking and work-arounds, and navigate all options to make it all interact the way they want it to interact. To facilitate the design in this massive system we have here, we started working with the connectCAD plugin for Vectorworks, where I can take for example a 40 mic line input module and do a Multi-Connect and get all 40 of my connections in about 2 seconds, taking a lot of the guess work out. We’ve already got a labelling system call out where I throw the label onto each end of the cable that matches what’s on the schematic and so simplify and streamline communication."

"Because of the way the project evolved over time, the AV infrastructure has also evolved over time and also the various industry offerings. After visiting this year’s Infocomm, we decided to use the Roland M5000 OHRCA system, the full size M5000 console and also 4 Roland S-2416 units for expanded I/O at 24 analog inputs and 16 analog outputs each, so as to configure the input/output ratio however we want. Two of these are fully loaded with 40 mic line pre-amps and we also have an additional 24 analogue outputs, planned to grow up to 40 analogue outputs if we need to in the future. We’re using the M48 personal monitoring system, and all this is built on its proprietary REAC digital protocol."

church design schematics"We installed BSS Soundweb London BLU-806 Processors to run Dante at full 96KHz, so we can take signals in, route them all over the place and then we have some different IO devices that attach to that Dante network. So we have something as simple as taking a typical hand-held microphone, plugging it into a wall plate and the wall plate itself is a Dante conversion device that takes that analogue mic input and converts it into a Dante stream which is then sent though a processor and subsequently sends out through the system speaker..."

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 About Justin Linville:
Provision AVS's core member Justin Linville, has a long experience in Live Event Productions and the Performing Arts, doing audio engineering, lighting design and project management among other things, until he joined Provision AVS and dedicated into Church Design.


 About Provision AVS:
Provision Audio Video Solutions is a fairly new company specializing in Church Design. Focusing on serving the Christian Church, uses each church’s resources in an effective way to best suit for each individual church, helping make smart decisions about systems and gear at their disposal. The company’s goal foremost and before profit, is to build relationships and trust with churches and serve them in a really unique way, by informing, educating, consulting and offering training services to church volunteers while their “on-call policy” is always ready to solve potential crisis on the spot – especially on Sunday mornings when service takes place.

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