connectCAD 2017: Device specs sharing, printing detailed Cable Labels, converting Reports to Lists

Here are the highlights of connectCAD 2017: 

compatible with Vectorworks 2017 for Windows & Mac
This year we are adopting a new release pattern. Throughout the year we’ll be adding even more interesting new functionality. We'll also be replacing the underlying technology of connectCAD and deliver a massive improvement in performance.


connectCAD logoDevice Builder

Filling in forms is a hassle and we designers have to spend a part of our lives reading spec sheets and entering data in our drawings – no getting away from that.
However, what we can do is share the work between us! And that’s what we’re doing in connectCAD 2017.
As you create devices in Device Builder the spec of the device gets uploaded to our online repository. So you can browse our community database from within the Device Builder tool and choose from device definitions uploaded by connectCAD’ers from all over the planet.
So if that device is already in the database you can retrieve the details ready to go. Already we have more than 200 regularly-used devices in the database and more are being added every day.

A list of all upoloaded devices is available in our support site.



Make Cable Labels with connectCAD for Vectorworks

connectCAd logoMake Cable Labels

It’s good fun being a designer except for those thankless tasks like creating printed labels.
Make Cable Labels takes all the cable numbers on your drawing and puts them in a worksheet ready for export to Excel and printing.
You can easily set up things like how many labels per row, what data you want on the labels, separator columns and so on.
We even colour-code the cable numbers so you can easily read them at a distance.



Convert Report to List

connectCAD logoConvert Report to List

 Last year we introduced Vectorworks reports into the mix. They are wonderful - you can type data into the worksheet and directly update the drawing.
But there are times when you don’t want this to happen. So we’ve created this utility to turn the database report into a normal spreadsheet.
This lets you freeze a cable list or device list at a particular design stage. You can use it in Compare list and Drawing to see what has changed or you can use Reverse Engineering tools to re-create the devices and circuits in the list.
A simple tool, but it gives you an extra string to your bow and may get you out of a fix.


connect tool2a2

connectCAD logoConect tool - new version

In connectCAD 2017 version 2 we’ve introduced our new Connect tool which follows all standard Vectorworks user-interface conventions – a faster, smoother, more intuitive alternative to our current tool, a small taste of connectCAD 2018.


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