Do you design connected systems? We can help!

connectCAD solves the problem of keeping tabs on the countless components of any interconnected system. Schematic diagrams, physical layout drawings and lists of connecting cables are combined in an integrated design package that transforms the tangle of a complex installation’s elements into a naturally evolving, cohesive yet adjustable structure.


Our product is a software add-on to Vectorworks® for designing broadcast, audio-visual, lighting and IT networks, as well as practically any other connected systems. It is founded on more than 20 years of international design experience. We take a direct, real-world approach to design, allowing you to easily respond to changes and make revisions with minimum effort. connectCAD gives you a massive increase in speed and efficiency, is fun to use and easy to learn. If you design connected systems, connectCAD will make your job a breeze and set your connections free!

Here's how connectCAD can help you in each stage of the design process:

ccad logo miniConcept
  • get conceptual diagrams out fast
ccad logo miniDesign deliver detailed drawings on time
ccad logo miniLayout create clear smart layouts
ccad logo miniVisualise present your project
ccad logo miniReport make sure nothing gets forgotten
ccad logo miniVerify verify, deliver & get paid

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